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Ten Commandments & Ice Cream Party

Ten Commandments & Ice Cream Party

Sunday, June 12 | 10:00am Services • 11:00am Ten Commandments

Chabad of Southern Nevada - Las Vegas | Shavuot Ten Commandments & Ice Cream Party!

The Reading of the Ten Commandments is the essence of Shavuot; it is the commemoration of the moment G‑d gave the Torah and we became a nation. Please join us with your entire family as we relive this awesome moment together.

Please join us for our annual Family and Children Ice cream party. Travel up Mount Sinai and glide down your own ice cream sundae.

Wednesday, May 31 | 11:00 AM
at Chabad • 1261 Arville Street, Las Vegas 89102

Full Holiday Schedule:

Join us for our LEARN-A-THON

Join Jews throughout the world in observing the centuries-old custom of conducting an all-night vigil dedication to Torah learning on the first night of Shavuot.

Tuesday Night, May 30 | 12:00 AM  
at Chabad ~ 1261 Arville Street ~  Las Vegas 89102  

Wednesday, May 31

10:00am Shacharis
10:00am Children's Program
11:00am Ten Commandments followed by a fabulous Ice Cream Party.

Thursday, June 1

10:00am Shacharis
11:30am Yizkor
8:37pm Yom Tov ends

For more information please call 702-259-0770 or email us.