Shavuot (650x245) 

Join our Pre-Shavuot Day of Learning!

Join with the Greater Las Vegas Jewish Community for a day of learning in preparation for Shavuos. After 2 months of praying and learning Torah at home, it is time to do it together. Connect with Jews all across the valley for a full day of lectures, prayer sessions, and more. You can join at any time throughout the day!

Who: All men and women
What: Are invited to learn on ZOOM
When: Sunday, May 24, 8:00AM-7:00PM
Why: Prepare for Shavuos with other community members  

ZOOM Access Info: Meeting ID: 954 7034 5672 Password: Torah 


The Schedule: 

8:00 AM  Rabbi Chaiton  - Parshas Yisro (Beginner Level)

8:45 AM  Rabbi Shuchat  - Morning Services

10:00 AM  Rabbi Schanowitz  - A Talk of the Rebbe (Intermediate Level)

11:00 AM  Mrs. Nechama Harlig  - Cheesecake Bake* (Intermediate Level)

11:45 AM  Rabbi Blassberg  - The History of Shavuos (Beginner Level)

12:45 PM  Mrs. Chaya Harlig  - Chassidic Teachings on Shavuos (Intermediate Level)

1:30 PM  Rabbi Shea Harlig  - What Goes Around: Perspectives on Pandemics in Jewish History (Intermediate Level)

2:15 PM  Rabbi Rivkin  - Talmudic Teachings on Shavuos (Advanced Level)

3:00 PM Rabbi Metal  - Should I Strive for Perfection if it Can't be Reached?

3:45 PM  Mrs. Binie Rivkin  - The 5th Commandment (Intermediate Level)

4:30 PM  Rabbi Mendy Harlig  - TBA

5:15 PM  Rabbi Bronchtain - A Taste of Yeshiva Talmud (Advanced Level)

6:00 PM  Rabbi Attal - Megillas Rus (Advanced Level)


 *To follow along with the cheesecake bake, prepare the following ingredients:

1 lb large strawberries

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs

Ziplock bag