There are no hotels with Minyonim or Kosher food for Shabbos on a regular basis. During some of the major trade shows, we help organize Minyonim and food at the Hotels.

The major hotels on the Strip and downtown are approximately 4 – 8 miles from Chabad of Southern Nevada, a 1 – 2 ½ hour walk depending on which hotel you are staying in.

The closest hotel to Chabad is Arizona Charlie’s West, 740 South Decatur. It’s less than a mile from the Shul, a 15-20 minute walk. For a Chabad discounted rate, use the corporate code “XCHA18.”

For Shabbos; ask for a room that is not in the tower. The locks are electronic, however, Security knows our needs and they will let you into your room. The a/c runs on a motion detector and should be disabled for Shabbos.

You can order food for Shabbos from Rafi's Catering, 702 348 8778 or from a number of Kosher Restaurants. For more information click here.
Family Hospitality

If you would like to be hosted with a family within the Chabad community for Shabbos, please contact us a week in advance at 702-259-0770 or email us at We will try to arrange it.